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         Why am I in real estate? Well for me this reason has changed several times over the past six years and it has done a couple 180 in the past 8 months.  The first time I thought about real estate was in 2010. I don’t have a good answer other then it just popped in my head one day! My good friend Jeff had been flipping homes for some time and it made me think, “I like homes… I like people… why not?” Little did I know of the crazy adventure that lie ahead.

    Mason at about 6 months. All this hard work I put in is for him!

         My first thought of real estate was listing a house and selling it a couple days later or showing a buyer a home or two and picking between the two.  I now know how naive I really was! There are SOME glamorous aspects to being a realtor but it is also just like any other jobs with its stresses.  Realtors are trusted with what will be most people’s largest financial decision in their life.  This means that emotions can be intense not only for the client but for me too.

         Some clients fall in love with a home… envision their family in the backyard, having their first child.  Maybe they have worked the past 3 years on repairing their credit saving every single dime and their first home needs a little TLC and they still do nothing but thank you over and over again for helping them in the biggest milestone of their life.

         But there are definitely the stresses of the job. Homeowners that will not repair a thing on the inspection list so the seller and buyer can’t even look at each other across the table at the closing (AWKWARD). Those are the times you want to crawl under the table and pray they don’t have the attorney read every single page of the loan documents so you can leave as quickly as possible.

         People ask me all the time what made me decide to get into real estate I never really have a good answer, it just felt like where I needed to go. I was a single mom struggling, laid off from my past employer, drawing unemployment, and had no direction. Getting into the real estate industry was a huge risk for me but through some hard work and love of family and friends it has become my passion.

    Why did I get into real estate? To help people. For my son. For me.

    -Kelly Anne Harris, Team Leader

    P.S.    Since blogging is new to me, I want your feedback. Tell me what you think or what you want to hear about!

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